Numerology Number Meanings

Understanding Numerology Number Meanings

Numerology number meanings have been around our society for ages. In fact, it has started during the days of the Babylonians where an association of numbers and the life path have been directly linked. Most people are wondering how these numbers are taken and how to determine the meaning that each has. Number meanings do not only refer to life as a whole but as well as to destiny, meaning of names and relationship compatibility numerology. Its foundation is based on a single element which is number that gives significance to this ancient science.

To be able to understand the different numerology meaning, you must know how to calculate the numbers to obtain results from your chosen aspect of life. For instance, if you want to know the meaning of your name, you can calculate it by the use of the numerology formula by converting your full name and your birth date. Each number has a corresponding letter that you add together. And each number has a unique vibration within the universal energy field. After getting the sum which is in two digits form, you will have to split and add each number to get the answer. To illustrate, the word “hello” has five letters that has number corresponding to each. H=8, E=5, L=3, L=3 and O=6.

If you add these numbers together, 8+5+3+3+6, you will get a sum of 25. After getting the answer, you must split these two digits and add which will give you 2+5=7. Since numerology number meanings are given to numbers 1 to 9, you will be able to get the meaning of your name from the conforming definition. The number 1 signifies individual, aggressor and the yang. Number 2 defines balance, union, receptive and the yin. The numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 also has their corresponding meaning.

umerology number meanings, numerology meaningLearning Different Numerology Number Meanings

Numerology meaning is derived from a number of ways to calculate your life path number. From the above sample, the meanings were taken out from the alphabetic systems. However, there is still another way to get the numbers which has corresponding meanings. You can try out the Pythagorean system. This system is known as Gematria where you can get the number for each word or name. It is also the same system used in getting the numbers for Latin names and words. Numbers are also involved in biblical numerology, astrology and tarot readings.

The Chinese people have also their own set of meanings of numerology. For instance, the lucky number combination include 99 that means eternal, 518 which means “I will prosper”, 168 and 814 which has similar meanings of “be wealthy” and 888 that means three multiplied to prosperity, prosperity, prosperity. The number 1314 means whole lifetime and existence while 289 means holding fortune for a very long time.

Indian numerology meanings also have a different touch contributed to the world of this ancient science. For instance, the number 1, 10, 19 and 28 are ruled by the SUN and is counted 1 for letters AIJQY. 2, 11, 20 and 29 are ruled by the MOON and are counted 2 for letters BCKR. The numbers 3, 12, 21 and 30 are ruled by the planet JUPITER and counted 3 for letters GLS. The numbers 4, 13, 22, and 31 are ruled by the planet RAHU and counted 4 for letters DMT. The list of numbers goes on in the Indian numerology that has corresponding meanings up to the number 9.

Other Fields of Numerology Number Meanings

Numerology number meanings do not only evolve in different cultures. It can also be found in different fields since it has been considered an ancient part of science. As a matter of fact, you can find numerology and its meanings present in the field of Astronomy, Alchemy, Science, and Gaming. It has not just been a part of the mystical field rather it has been around for ages giving aid of reference to those who have been seeking a deeper meaning of life.

These meanings have been associated with astronomy since most astronomers believed that numbers from 0 to 9 is ruled by a specific planet. The ancient alchemy theories were also closely related to the systems used in numerology. In modern science, the term numerology is used every time an inspiration used sets out on given patterns rather than scientific observations. Numerology has also become present in gaming since players apply the so called “numerological strategy” in games.

There are other fields yet to be discovered which involves numerology. As a matter of fact, you may never know that the pattern of numbers present in your name corresponds to a specific meaning. Although you are not persuaded to follow numerology number meanings of the numerology pattern, you can use it as a reference to gain deeper understanding to life.

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Ancient and Modern Creative Numerology

The use of creative numerology in astrology is an ancient technology through which you can predict your future, destiny, fortune, and fate. This type of psychic reading involves the study of numbers, and their influence to human life. Such numerical characters could be in the date of birth, letters in the name, and words. Behind this belief are systems, traditions, and superstitions. There are types of such beliefs including the popular Chinese numerology used in oriental astrology and the Indian Vedas. The modern divinatory art uses patterns of numbers for various definitions. And you can go to to get your free reading.

Ancient Creative Numerology

Using numbers, you can define an alphabet order. This was popular in the Hebrew and Greek tradition and it gives meaning to words, and names. In this case, numbers 1-9 will symbolize the following letters: 1= a, j, s; 2= b, k, t; 3= c, l, u; 4= d, m, v; 5= e, n, w; 6= f, o, x; 7= g, p, y; 8= h, q, z; 9= i, r.
By using the letters in a word, a type of calculation like the total sum is obtained, to reveal the meaning through one single digit. Some numbers combined are considered lucky while others represent fate. In traditional Chinese creative numerology, the meaning is different and numbers 1-9 have the following meanings:
• 1-Sure
• 2- easy
• 3-Live
• 4-unlucky meaning death, and suffering
• 5-the self
• 6-easy and smooth
• 7-arise
• 8-sudden fortune, prosperity
• 9-long in time

The kind of meaning differs with traditions. There are modern meanings and ancient meanings. In some cases, the meanings are similar for example; the Indian meaning for a combination of numbers 518 means “I will prosper”- and it is similar to the Chinese numerology. In the Chinese beliefs, the lucky numbers include: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7,8, 9 while the unlucky ones are: 4,5,6 and 7. When the numbers combine, they show double blessing or tragedy. For instance 8 as a lucky number combined with 2 to become 28 shows double luck. Since the classification is in Chinese numerology, it is their sound, which determines their meaning.

Methods of Modern Creative Numerology

Often such pattern defines a person’s life in many ways. The most common meanings today revolve around an individual’s character, life patterns, and relations with others. The numbers 1-9 have their connotation often defined as follows:

• 1- depicts an aggressor
• 2-shows balance, union or receptive characters
• 3-symbolizes communication/interaction, leader, innovative skills
• 4-number of creation
• 5-Action, Restlessness
• 6-Reaction/flux, Responsibility
• 7-Thoght/consciousness
• 8-Power/Sacrifice
• 9-Highest level of change

Creative Numerology

Benefits of Online Creative Numerology

This ancient science helps you to answer the unknown. To understand your life trends and the unexpected, the numerology gives direction. This is a solution between time and space gaps. There are predictions using numbers on a weekly basis, by month and annual. All these are based on the principle of free will and how life revolves around a pattern. To be able to know your destiny in advance, this kind of astrology brings you closer to a clear understanding. By selecting your preferred period, you can get free creative numerology predictions to your immediate and distant future.

The advancement of technology allows you to find the right numerology fast and simple through online sites. By a simple click of a button, you get Chinese, modern, Indian, Jewish, and modern creative numerology experts to help you. These have the skills to provide reliable forecasts through number patterns in your life. You can find these professionals on favorite social networking sites for sharing with friends and family. They also provide charts and calculation secretes to help you understand the process.

While life is full of uncertainties, expecting the unexpected keeps you going. For stable emotions and focus in life, get in touch with the unknown through this special science of prediction. It completes gaps about your family line, life patterns, destiny, and it is easy to follow. There are free online videos and reports to help you understand the calculations.

This can be a fun activity for everyone and you can make predictions about your favorite people’s names, and dates of birth. Internet features also provide chats and discussion for more interactions with others in effective creative numerology.

Learn How Numerology Works at takes a fair and thorough approach to numerology. There are many conflicting views and opinions about numerology, so has taken the time to evaluate claims and sort truth from fiction. (see also Creative Numerology and Numerology Number Meanings) knows that numbers are a language. People think numbers symbolize an arcane and abstract science, but they are only a way of describing the world around us. That’s not much different from the English language. Just as our language expresses some concepts better than others, numbers speak more clearly in some ways than others. Numerology compatibility is one of them.

We know there is a certain poetry in the language of numbers. We find that life, especially human life, expresses itself well in numbers. We are happy to translate this for you.

What Can Do for You

Numerology revolves around separating abstract patterns from real-world data. This data, due to the fractal nature of life, is everywhere. These things happen at every level, and much more deeply than we can ever imagine. It would be fair to say that all of human life has been a project to understand these deeper levels of complexity.

These deeper patterns appear at every level. They express themselves everywhere in your life. Your name, for example, is no accident. Fractal mathematics have introduced to us the concept of “sensitivity to initial conditions.” This means that the way that things start out, or their “initial conditions,” have tremendous influence on the ways that people develop.

It is a scientific fact that people who spell their name “Geoff” are 40% more likely to become geologists than people who spell their name “Jeff.” This is a common phenomenon. Our names existed before we were born, and will exist beyond us. There are many people with the same name, and all of them different as can be, but with at least that one thing in common. When your parents chose your name for you, they made a wish. They created your life, and every dynamic within your life creates you. This small and constant influence has been with you every second of your life. It’s impossible to say in what countless ways this has changed your course. Over a lifetime these changes add up to a lot., blair gorman numerology

What Cannot Do for You

Numerology is a tool used to perceive deeper forces of the universe, forces that cannot be perceived any more easily than a fish can perceive the water that they swim in. However, numerology is not magic, and does not determine the future. Used correctly, it may be used to predict the future in the same sense that a weather forecast can be said to predict the weather.

To the qualified numerologists some patterns are so obvious and well known that they can make certain broad predictions with the same accuracy that we can predict the movements of the moon. At other times it is more like predicting fog and rain based on a falling barometer. But sometimes it can be as difficult as predicting the movement of individual drops of water in a flood. As Herodotus said, “the nature of things is in the habit of concealing itself.” Numerology is only one more tool humanity can use to perceive the universe and it’s effects on people.

Computers grow more powerful and useable every day. As more people discover and explore the art of numerology, it will inevitably grow into a science. Ideas will inevitably be tried, and discarded. Theories will be tested, and some will be found wanting. More people turn the light of their own individual intelligence on numerology every day, and provides a wonderful new venue for knowledge to spark and grow. It may seem, to the casual observer, a sign of inconsistency to test information and change because of new data. It is actually the sign of the most vital and perspective activity to change and grow.

About Numerology For Free

Numerology for free is all about numbers. Numbers apparently have symbolism. The numbers can make you weak or strong. They can make you talented in some areas or otherwise. Numerology number meanings reveal who you are personally and character-wise because of your lucky number.

The science of numerology has grown in popularity with many people seeking the intervention of symbolism in determining their future. People seek numerology readings all the time. There are countless numerologists that help people in search of the truth in their numbers. However, if you are looking for accurate readings, visit

This website offers numerology for free to people who wish to find solace in numbers. You can find more meaning in numbers than you have ever had. Find out what potential success or failure lies in your future from the reports at the website. You are enabled to see the happenings that will occur in your life later on.

The best part of this numerology for free website is perhaps the fact that it offers a free numerology report! No need to pay a dime to find out why you may not be lucky in your current life. Or why you find yourself struggling to get the best out of life. You can get all these facts from the free numerology readings by professional numerologists at the website.

How Numerology for Free Works

Numerology for FreeWith numerology for free, you have to enter your birthday, current first and last names, full birth name and your primary email address. The birth date is however the most critical. This is what the numerologists will use to generate your numerology reading and report. When you enter these at the website, you will get the calculations of what lies ahead for you.

Blair Gorman is the acclaimed professional numerologist behind the numerology for free service. He uses his vast experience and passion in numerology to help others. His system is quite easy to understand though slightly sophisticated. It involves the addition of the figures in your birth date, that is, the digits in your day, month and year of birth are added. The sum’s digits are then added to determine your life path number which has a unique meaning.

For your expression number – describing your natural talents and abilities – the letters in your name are represented in terms of numbers between 1 and 9 and then the sums of vowels and consonants are added. The final sum’s digits are again added and the answer is your expression number which also has a realistic meaning. The values of the vowels are put above the name because your Soul Urge is derived from vowels. This urge can then be determined by adding the digits of the sum of vowels.

This numerology system has received several positive reviews so far. Someone once exclaimed…. “Holy cow, your free report was better than reviews I have paid for! Can’t wait to get extra from Blair.”One thing for sure is, you will be yearning for more readings from Blair after you get the first one.

Pros and cons of numerology for free

The basic advantage of numerology for free is that it is free. There are no charges but you get the life changing facts about yourself. You simply enter your details at the website and get the correct numerology report. Afterwards, you can subscribe to the Numerologist website if you are interested in confirming that the shocking truth in your numerology chart never lies.

Besides the free service, you are also at will to terminate your subscription whenever you feel like. You can review your life path with all the numbers in names and special dates you have and those related to you. When you are fed up with the whole ordeal, you can just hit the button to remove your name from the email list. There are no questions asked nor any restrictions at all.

In addition, you will get accurate numerology calculations. Get to understand the happenings in your life and those yet to come just from the numbers in your birth date and name. Many numerologists know that life can be narrowed down to a just few numbers. These numbers play a much more significant role in determining your destiny than you may know.

However, as life has it, nothing is perfect. Not everybody believes in the ability of numbers to reveal one’s character and personality, let alone the future. Thus, not everyone will like the idea. However, if you believe in numbers, discover more on the numerology for free website.

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Meeting your destiny in numbers through life path numbers

What distinguishes life path numbers in numerology?

Has anyone asked you about your life path numbers or about your birth sign? The minute you answer these people, they start talking to you about your future as if everything appears in front of their eyes. So what is it that makes numerology interesting? Even though we are guided by science, there are situations where we tend to believe in destiny. Is everything pre-planned? Well, according to numerology, the answer to this particular question is ‘yes’, and you can get your numerology for free reading on this site. (see also numerology number meanings)

Numbers or numeric coding is what distinguishes numerology. It is meta-numeric and establishes a relationship between living things and numbers. Even though they are related to numbers it is a branch which has separated itself from mathematics. It is considered more as pseudo-mathematics. This ancillary relationship with mathematics is similar to that of the relationship between alchemy and chemistry. According to numerology, numbers are the basic constituent of this universe. Everything in numerology is related to numbers and therefore, your existence in this world is your tryst with your numerology path number.

A person’s life path number is the focal point of his/her life. It is the number which controls everything, your behavior, character etc. There are two ways of deriving an individual’s path number. It can be derived either from his name or from his date of birth. In a person’s numerology chart, the most important number is often based on his/her date of birth. It is this number which numerologists call as the numerology life path number.

life path numbers,numerology Life PathThe true purpose of life path numbers

According to numerologists our birth has a purpose and that purpose is controlled by our life path. Each life path is unique. The life path is the way to identify the opportunities that will come in your way in the future. It also helps people recognize their innate talents, abilities and the particular field where they will thrive. Since they are derived from your date of birth, it is something that will remain forever. Life path is unchangeable and controls your destiny, till the end of your life. If anything matters in your life, then it is your life path. It is the destiny that is tied up with it.

Life path numbers becomes extremely useful for people who are yet to make their tryst with their destiny. People, who are born talented, yet are unable to recognize them. It is for them that life path becomes a life changing one. The knowledge of this number alone can make life easier for them. It is the number that is derived from the day, month and year of our birth. We cannot change the number like the way we change our personality or lucky number. In truth our innate personality is hidden within the number and bears several personality traits.

Finding your distinctive individual life path numbers

Finding your life path number is not difficult at all. For example consider the date of birth of a person as 12th February 1988. In order to calculate your path number, first add up the date, month and year into a single number. For this, first split the date, 12. 1+2= 3. Next split the month. February is the second month. So, no need to split that. Leave it as 2. Finally split the year 1988, which is 1+9+8+8=26. Split this further and you get, 2+6= 8. In order to get your path number, add up the results. That will be 3+2+8= 13. Further split the number and we will get, 1+3= 4. Therefore 4 is your numerological life path number. This way you can calculate the life path of your friends, relatives or children.

Every numerology life path number is associated with the personality and traits of the person who bears it. It also brings out certain qualities within him. People who bears number one are born achievers. They work hard and believe in doing things by themselves. Number two is associated with peace, three with artists, four with pragmatists, five with opportunists, six with caregivers, seven with seekers, eight with affluence and nine with philosophers. Some astrologers also consider number 11 and twenty-two as life path numbers. The number 11 is associated with visionaries and thinks outside norms. Numbers 22 is associated with thinkers and is about people who are more concerned about international happenings.

Everyone has talents and abilities, regardless of life path numbers. Everyone is blessed and must use their potential to achieve the best. We don’t know what destiny has in store for us. Life path numbers are a light at the end of the tunnel that give us an idea about how well we can shape our life for a better future.

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Numerology By Name Is An Ancient Study

The basis of numerology by name has been utilized for thousands of years. Different forms of the process have been found in the majority of civilizations throughout history. The study is often dismissed. However, name numerology has been researched and taught by famous mathematicians throughout history. The ancient societies of India, Egypt and China have a long history with the study, but Pythagoras is considered the creator of numerology. His belief that the universe is united with mathematical patterns began the study, and that numbers predict your life path numbers.

The Basis Of Numerology By Name

Every letter of the alphabet has been given a numerical denomination. Additionally, each number has been provided with a related cosmic vibration. When the letters in a name are combined with the date of a person’s birth, then the exclusive outcome can help interested parties understand more about themselves. Individuals can uncover weaknesses, strengths, talents and even their own life’s purpose from numerology calculations.

The Revival Of Name Numerology In Modern Times

Several books about numerology were published from 1911 to 1917 by author L. Dow Balliett. Public interest in the science was reinvigorated. Later in the 1930s, Florence Campbell wrote additional material regarding the numerology method. These two writers are responsible for the majority of methods used to calculate names today. Modern name numerology has added personality testing, individual behavior and psychological conditions.

Numerology by NameLifepath Number And its Significance In Name Numerology

A Lifepath number is calculated by reducing a birthdate and adding the digits together. The ending number presents a representation of natural skills and traits that the individual was born with. A life journey can also be deduced from this number.

The Different Types Of Numerology By Name

Three of the most popular name numerology methods in use today include the Chaldean, Kabbalah and Pythagorean or Western system. These separate methods calculate the numbers in an individual’s name differently. Also, unique explanations are given based upon the numerology method used.

The Chaldean Name Numerology Method

The Chaldean system is the oldest known method of numerology and was used in Ancient Babylon. This method assigns numbers based on the vibration of each letter. Numerology with the Chaldean system calculates names with numbers from 1 to 8. The Chaldeans honored the number 9 and took it out of the other vibrations, unless the total equals 9.

The Kabbalah Name Numerology Method

The beginning of the Kabbalah method can be traced back to Hebrew mysticism. This type of name numerology only scrutinizes the name. It is the least favored method with numerologists because the method does not use the birthdate. The method has appointed twenty-two vibrations from 1 to 400.

The Pythagorean Or Western Numerology Name Method

The Pythagorean was supposedly created by Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician. It has become the numerology method most often used today. The Pythagorean method is applied by a number system that places a number amount to the Western alphabet using numbers 1 through 9. After the alphabet sequence reaches I, which is the 9th letter, then the number sequence starts over. So, J and S are also the value of 1.

Is There A Lucky Number In Numerology By Name?

Specialists who study numerology are able to tell interested individuals their lucky number. This level of numerology also uses events, birth dates and significant dates to give individuals future advice. Specialists are able to foretell the best time for romantic connections, future life events and an understanding about an individual’s personality. Name numerology can determine hidden talents, motivations and character specifications.

Numerology By Name Can Provide Answers

Individuals who have difficulty making big life decisions may want the advice name numerology can provide. Career and money decisions can be influenced by numerology with information regarding risks and conservation. Love is always a challenge and numerology can help those with questions about this part of their lives. Additionally, individuals who need help deciding where to live, color choices for their surroundings and travel destinations can turn to numerology for help.

When Naming a Baby, Should Numerology By Name Be Considered?

In name numerology a person’s name is able to identify personality traits about that individual. Future parents may be able to impact their child’s future by choosing a name that will help them in life. Parents cannot control the date of their child’s birth in most cases, but have complete control over their baby’s name. Research into numerology by name is important and can make a difference in a child’s life.

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Utilizing Numerology For Business

Numerology professionals have reviewed powerful individuals throughout the world and have discovered that numerology for business has its financial merits. Bill Gates and Paul Allen, childhood friends, have the same numerology by name that is Life Path number of 4. The Life Path number uses a person’s birth date to determine the correct calculation. The powerful Oprah Winfrey is also a 4. To chose an ideal business name, numerologist Blair Gorman will help you to get the one you want with a free numerology reading.

Numerology For Business And An Individual’s Life Path Number

A person’s Life Path number is considered the most important number calculated in numerology charts. This number provides direction for interested individual’s regarding their future. Additionally, inspiration, life purpose and overall fulfillment can be discovered. The commonality of Bill and Paul sharing the Life Path number 4 verifies that both men were born with realistic tendencies. Also, both men feel strongly about right and wrong.

Numerology For Business Assistance

Businesses can benefit from using numerology when picking a name. Business names are important and consumers are able to envision the type of business it is, based upon the name. The name of a business can also hold powerful energy that can encourage success. The right name will promote strength and prevent disharmony. Likewise, the wrong name can cause a business to struggle.

Numerology for BusinessBusiness Uses For Numerology

Business owners who use numerology on a daily basis may find themselves handling obstacles easily. Numerology can guide individuals towards their maximum energy and lower overall stress. Interested individuals will have the opportunity to uncover their natural mental, emotional and physical abilities. Business owners can benefit from understanding their own strengths and weaknesses from numerology. Businesses are able to thrive under leadership that has a well-rounded understanding of their personality.

Historical Factors That Can Influence Business Numerology

The science of numerology has knowingly been in existence for more than 4,000 years. The best mathematicians and minds around the world have continuously improved the numerology method. Additionally, with new technology and advancements, readings and numerology answers have improved in exciting new ways. The numbers are calculated in a repeated and predictable pattern, which provides the science aspect of numerology.

Numerology For The Best Business Choices

An individual’s surname can be used to determine the best career choice. The Life Path number discloses a person’s natural talents and abilities, but the surname will offer details about the best vocations for an individual. The Life Path number is calculated by totaling all of the numbers in a person’s birthdate and then dividing that number into a single digit. Numerologists have provided letter values along with basic career meanings for each number.

Numerology For Business Partnerships

Partners in business have always been a successful way to build a company. The cost of beginning the business can be shared, which lowers the overall risk. The workload can also be split lowering the stress of opening on time. On the other side, choosing the wrong partner can prevent the success of a business. The wrong partner can increase business expenses and make running the business more stressful.

Business Numerology In Today’s World

Business owners can use numerology to make decisions such as when to open their company’s doors. Also, numerology can help decide when to make business deals, sign important documents and when to grow a business. Individuals can review their personal number cycle and make sure that it is in harmony with their business cycle.

Numerology For Business Goals

Deciding the direction a business should take can be challenging and scary. Business owners who use numerology to help them can feel confident with the history of the system. Additionally, numerology can help business owners choose the best time to launch products, merge corporations and negotiate the terms of contracts. Numerology can also help an owner focus on popular business trends that will make their company successful.

Business Numerology Can Be Used For Property Selection

Business owners who use numerology in every aspect of creating their business will be a step ahead of the competition. Owners can use this information to choose the best day to register their business. The right location can also be determined with numerology, ensuring a positive outcome. The clarity that numerology provides will add confidence to new business owners.

Numerology For Business Success

 The use of business numerology will allow owners to make complicated decisions with the help of an ancient method. Owners may see more customers arrive at their store leading to greater profits and success. Business owners who turn to numerology for business help will discover that they have tapped into a powerful source.

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Birthday numerology changes lives

One of the most important aspects in your birthday numerology is the day that you were born. This birthday numerology can tell a lot about you. Numerology number meanings tell about your character, personality, and individuality. This is because you, and this includes also all people, have your own natural abilities, especially when looking into numerology for business. Your number is based on the day you were born added together.

You can get your free numerology reading based on your birth date from experienced numerologist Blair Gorman. He outlines your life path, making predictions about your life. Like in astrology you receive a thorough report that is your stepping stone to who you want to be in the world.

Numbers 1 through 3 personalities for birthday numerology

The number 1 personality is for the people that were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of the month. This person will be full of energy and very passion about art. They do not like to be in second place for anything. They also do not like any type of physical work. Their jobs are usually a writer or a reporter. They are usually very honest people and will admit all of their mistakes. They are very happy people so they smile a lot. They are the people that lead in a group setting.

The number 2 personality is for the people with their date of birth on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of the month. This person has a big imagination and have big dreams about their life. They are the people who usually make all of the plans for everything. They are always considerate of everyone else’s feelings. They think of other people before they do anything. They love to change things birthday numerology, birth number numerologyaround. They also are the ones that want to travel the most. They are the people that other people want to be in a good with.

The number 3 personality is for the people that were born on 3rd, 12th, 21st or the 30th of the month. They are the person who tries to uplift everyone and make everyone else happy. They are very hardworking and know how to get the job done. They will do everything they can to be number one and earn the respect that they deserve. They always seen to be very lucky all of the time. They seem to grown up to be teachers and philosophers.

Numbers 4 through 6 for birthday numerology

The number 4 personality is for the people who were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or the 31st of the month. They always have a lot of energy. They have a lot of talents. They are more mature than the rest of the people of their age. They are usually attracted to the total opposite of themselves. They are the ones that do not like to follow the rules.

The number 5 personality is for the people who were born on the 5th, 14th, or the 23rd of the month. They are the people who like to keep secrets. They are always on the move and seem to be very restless. Their personalities vary from day to day. Some days they are a good person and then some other days they are an evil person. They always put their family first no matter what. They are one of the most religious people. When they play sports, they use their head and knowledge of the game to beat their opponents.

The number 6 personality is for the people who were born on the 6th,15th, or 24th of the month. They are a natural born artist and their whole world revolves around art. They do not like any arguments because they make them very uncomfortable. They are a beautiful person on the inside and out. They are very interested in music and dance arts. They love to write any type of poetry. They have a very likable personality. They always desire to please other people.

Numbers 7 through 9 for birthday numerology

The number 7 personality is for the people who were born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of the month. They like to break free from everyone else’s restrictions and be more independent, relying on themselves. They are very good at solving cause and effect problems. They do everything on what they feel is right for the situation. They are the more adventurous personality.

The number 8 personality is for the people who were born on the 8th, 17th or 26th of the month. They have a very caring personality. They are more determined to get something do than others. They inspire others to get things done. They are always been cautious about all of their decisions.

The number 9 personality is for the people who were born on the 9th, 18th or 27th of the month. These personalities are very courageous. They can overcome anything that is thrown their way.

These are just some of the facts about birthday numerology and I hope that you have found yours.

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Find out here how to use numerology love compatibility  in your love life partnership…

Understanding the basics of numerology love compatibility

Numerology love compatibility is a trusted form of divination that can help you and your partner determine your long term or short term relationship goals. Using your Life Path number and Expression number, this form of birthday numerology determines your compatibility as a couple. It also tells you about your weaknesses in the relationship as well as your strengths. It is one of many forms of numerology that can help you improve your quality of life. (see also numerology number meanings)

Numerology is said to have first been practiced by the ancient, famed mathematician Pythagoras, who was fascinated by numbers and their relationships. Today, we have found various uses for numerology, including using it to determine the harmony between two people in a relationship, which will be discussed here. It can be used as a tool for friendship as well, but for the purpose of consistency, this article will focus on romantic relationships.

It is important to remember that the results of numerology does not determine whether or not you SHOULD be a couple, but instead tells you HOW to be a couple. Some numbers, for example get along great together, but some numbers may express characteristic differences. Remember, all relationships need work. This numerology tells you about the things that you and your partner can work on to become a better couple.

compatibility numerology,numerology love compatibility How does numerology love compatibility work?

This numerology works with mostly two numbers: your Life Path number and your Expression number. Your Life Path number tells you about your path in life and personality traits. Your Expression number tells you about how you express yourself, through your interactions and abilities. For the best compatibility, it is important that you and your partner have Life Paths that coincide with each others. It is just as important that you and your partner’s Expressions get along. However, inconsistencies in compatibility do not mean you have a bad relationship, but a more challenging one.

Using your birth date and full name to calculate your and your partner’s Life Path number and Expression number, you can assess your compatibility. This is where it gets tricky. For example, if you and your partner have the same number, you may think that means you get along very well. However, some numbers don’t mesh well with the exact same number that they are. Some numbers get along very well together, while other numbers have characteristics that cause friction.

By examining you and your partner’s compatibility, you can discover keys to encourage a long and healthy relationship. You will find where you and your partner are best together, and where you need to be conscious of improvement. numerology love compatibility is important in that it tells you about your relationship. Nonetheless, determining your compatibility is only the first step in helping your relationship. The next step is entirely left up to you and your significant other.

How do I use the results of numerology love compatibility in my relationship?

As mentioned before, you should not be discouraged if you and your partner don’t seem to be a “perfect” match, as there really is not such thing. A couple that may have the same numbers, for example, may seem like a perfect couple because they have the same personality and destiny, but it can be wearisome never being surprised by the other person and seeing your character flaws reflected in them. On the other hand, having a relationship with someone who is less compatible, can have its obvious drawbacks. Clashes of personalities and life goals can be difficult, but often opposites find that they do attract.

Both of these scenarios, as the two most extreme options, can result in viable relationships. Think of using numerology love compatibility as a guideline to improvement. Maybe you need to work on surprising each other or getting out of rut. Maybe you need to work on toning down your temper or adjusting to your partner’s needs. Numerology works as a tool in your relationship, not as a way to predict whether your relationship will work.

Ultimately, you and your partner are most responsible for how well your relationship goes. It is a tool used for hundreds of years to help couples in their relationships, and most certainly can benefit you. Numerology love compatibility helps you determine how well you and your partner get along, how you complement each other, and how you detract from each other.

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